Sight seeing

Water Falls
Lyngngai Waterfalls

Located at about one km. west from Laitryngew village

Dainthlen Falls

The waterfall derives its name from the legend of the community feast of U Thlen or the man eating serpent.

Kynrem Falls

Situated to the southeastern part of Sohra , it is the 7th highest waterfall in India.

Lyngksiar Waterfall

This is the most beautiful Waterfall of the village. It derived its name from the rare orchid known as TiewLyngksiar.

Wahkaba Falls

This waterfall is situated at Umstew and can be viewed on the way to the market place.

Noh-Kalikai Falls

This is the tallest plunge waterfall in India at a height of 340 metres.

Nohsngithiang Falls

The waterfall is also called the Seven Sisters Falls as it has got seven segments plunging down the limestone cliffs of Khasi Hills from a height of about 1000 feet

Ram Sing Falls

This short multitier waterfall is located in the vicinity of saimika park and resort.

Places of historical interest
Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church, Nongsawlia, Sohra

The Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church is the first established Christian church in Meghalaya in the year 1846 and the church building was built in 1898

Cherra Teachers' Training Center

The Cherra Teachers' Training Center established at Nongsawlia, Sohra is the oldest Teachers' Training Institution in the State of Meghalaya.

British Cemetry

Located in Dongskul locality of Saitsohpen, Sohralies the British Cemetrywhere eighteen British Officials of the East India Company (1830-1866) lay buried.

Monument Of David Scott

A commemorative monument has been erected in Saitsohpen, Sohra in rememberance of David Scott, Agent to the Governor General, North East Frontier of Bengal and Commissioner of Revenue and Circuit in the districts of Assam

A mountain railway that existed 125 years ago

The CherraCompanyganj State Railwayswas opened to traffic on June 6, 1886 between Tharia, a sleepy hamlet below Cherrapunjee and Companyganj, now in Bangladesh, for a distance of 7.5 miles.

The Thomas Jones School of Mission

The Thomas Jones School of Mission previously known as Cherra Theological College is one among the oldest buildings in the Khasi-Jaintia Hills

Caves and monoliths
KhohRamhah (The Giant Cone)

Located at Laittyra Village in the south-eastern side of Sohra

Mawbynna (Monoliths) at Mawsmai

Located at Mawsmai Village about 5 km south from the Sohra Market.

Mawmluh Cave

One of the longest cave in Indian Sub Continent, it stretches for about 4,500 meters. This cave was locally known as KremMawmluh

Mawsmai Cave

Located at Mawsmai village , its about 6 km south from Sohra Market

KremLawshynna( Lawshynna Cave)

This is located at Pdengshnong forest area about 3½ Km from the Sohra Market.


A place used for cremation of SohraSyiemship located at Pomsohmen, Sohra, East Khasi Hills District Meghalaya

David Scott trail:

This trail is also known as the old mule track marked by David Scott, a British Administrator, political agent to the British Raj (1802-1832).

Living Root Bridges:

The famed living root bridges of the tree Ficuselastica found in the southern slopes Meghalaya bridge over rivers and ease connectivity. These bridges are engineered by training the roots from one end of the riverbank to the other over many many years. Mr Dennis Ryan is instrumental in promoting the knowledge of these bridges to an international level.

Lynti War:

Slabs of stone placed as a trail to connect villages to the marketplace. One of these trails is found near the vicinity of the resort but has been cut short with the building of roads. You could still trek through part of these trails.