Cloud watching
Local market visit

Every eighth day of the week there is a big market day or Iew Bah and every fourth day is a smaller market day orIewrit in Cherrapunjee/Sohra. If it falls on a Sunday, it is preponed to the preceding Saturday. This evolved to enable the Christian populace to attend church services on the Sunday.

The marketplace is located in the centre of the village and has different departments or Basa. People from different villages bring their products to sell and also buy supplies for the week. As you walk around the market, there are interesting products you'll find. From wild edibles, oranges, honey, daily groceries to fashionable clothes and products from Bangladesh.

Moth watching and Butterflying

Over the years, we have enjoyed sighting different species of butterflies and moths around the resort and in the summer, you might just find a beautiful moth or butterfly emerging from its cocoon by the window sill.

Forest walks

A sacred grove and the Syiem's forest is a stone's throw away from the resort and you could enjoy your morning walks in the forest and even trek through to reach the village centre.

Bird Watching

Cherrapunjee has a very fragmented habitat yet the avifauna of the sacred groves is diverse. Aaranyak conducted the first ever extensive survey of birds of Cherrapunjee in 2004 and recorded 153 species of birds from the sacred groves, including 4 threatened species (Dark-rumped Swift, Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni, Grey-crowned Prinia Priniacinereocapilla and Swamp Francolin Francolinusgularis), 3 restricted range species (Dark-rumped Swift, Streak-Throated Barwing Actinodurawaldeni and Tawny-breasted Wren Babbler Spelaeornislongicaudatus) and 42 biome restricted species and estimated this at just over 350 in three breeding sites. The study helped in monitoring the population of the Dark-rumped Swift, Apusacuticauda categorized by Bird Life International as Vulnerable in the Red Data List of threatened birds of the world.

Pack in your binocular and enjoy birding in the sacred groves.