Sohra town serves as the headquarters of the Chieftain of 'Ka Hima Sohra'/kingdom or state of Sohra, the traditional unit of governance of Khasi society.

Legend talks about four siblings who went to seek shelter at a village Swer from another village Sumer. Impressed by their mannerism, the Basan Swer(Basan is an elder of the village) welcomed them by the ritual of 'tang jait' and was given the surname 'Lyngdoh'. The eldest sibling, Buh Sing was also sanctified as the 'Lyngdoh' and given charge to assist 'U BasanSwer' in the affairs of the 'Raid'/village.

U Basan Swer faced defeat from 'Basan Nongkseh' and 'Basan Nongumlong' which led him to create a new Himaa long with Buh Sing with the support of the twelve clans, namely, Diengdoh, Mawdkhap, Nongrum, Tham, Sohkhia, Nongtraw, Majaw, Dohling, Umdor, Khongwir, Myrbohand Shrieh. Representatives of each of the clan became Myntrisor ministers of 'Ka Hima Sohra'.

Buh Sing Lyngdoh was ordained the 'Syiem' or the Chieftain and his elder sister, Ka Shan Lyngdoh as 'Ka Syiem Sad ' or the queen mother.

By armed invasion, they succeeded in annexing many villages and Raids and established Sohra as the seat of the Syiem.

The name of this headquarter was derived from the legend that Sohra's location is between the land of two persons 'U Soh'and 'Ka Ra'.