British in Cherrapunjee

The first occasionon which the Europeans entered the hill territory of the Khasi tribes was in April of 1824. Mr. David Scott, the Governor-General's Agent on the frontier, marched from Sylhet to Assam, emerging at Raha on the Kalang river, in what is now the Nowgong district at the outbreak of the first Burma War.

In 1826 Mr. David Scott, entered the Khasi Hills to negotiate for the construction of a road through the territory of the Khasi Syiem of Nongkhlaw,which should unite Sylhet with Gauhati. At Cherrapunji Mr. Scott built for himself a house on the plateau, which, two years later, was acquired, from the Syiem by exchange for land in the plains,as the site of a sanitarium. Cherrapunji became the headquarters of the Sylhet Light Infantry, whose commandant was placed in political charge of the district.(Gurdon, 1914)

It was declared as the capital of Assam in 1832, which was later shifted to Shillong in 1866.